24 Feb 2010

Blumin Eck!, Heston’s in Wonderland

It must be 4 or 5 years since I last visited Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck Restaurant at Bray, back then he was the new kid on the block challenging most of the stuff I’d seen in kitchens for the previous 25 years.

Today I have met up with a good friend who has just returned from eating there last week and he was completely bowled over by it.

It  was so interesting to hear of the great afternoon he had spent there and of the theme of the food and how they have taken one particular course and lifted it to another level. It was the sweet course which was themed around Alice in Wonderland – some of the things they produced were truly brilliant and make food so exciting and he even got a great goodie bag to take home.

Heston has always said that he feels a trip to his restaurant should be like going to the cinema, a bit of welcome to Heston’s world!  This backs up what I have always said about him – he’s the Captain Kirk of the cooking world – he is taking us where no Chef has gone before! 

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