14 Apr 2011

Buy British, cook British and drink British!

For chefs it’s an incredibly exciting time produce wise at the moment, the first of the new seasons asparagus is available which is so quintessentially English, I don't think you can beat the quality and flavour of this unique product. The clocks have gone forward, spring is here and the first great ingredients are here, amazing! I love asparagus, simply steamed, served with a great hollandaise sauce or chargrilled on country bread with shaved parmesan and a good olive oil or buttered asparagus, soft poached hens egg with another stunning ingredient, my personal favourite, jersey royals - try these simply crushed with chorizo and basil, so happy times !

The thing with all great ingredients is let the asparagus be the star, buy the best grade stuff from a named farm and eat plenty, serve with a great Malborough Valley Sauvignon blanc or with a glass of Thornbridge New Zealand Hop Kipling.

Look out for Great British produce this year, it is the best in the world if eaten in it's correct season, prepared with the respect it deserves, let the flavour and taste be the champion. Take a step back and just think no other country has asparagus, potatoes, raspberries, rhubarb, shellfish, beef, lamb, pork... like we do, it’s the best - that's why unfortunately we export so much to France and the USA and we get sold the crap from other countries, so fly the flag, embrace the seasons, buy British, cook British and drink British!


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