2 Mar 2010

Great News for Yorkshire Rhubarb!

Following on from my last post it was great to hear that Rhubarb grown by candlelight in an area of Yorkshire known as the Rhubarb Triangle has been given European protected name status.
Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb has been added to the list, which includes Champagne and Parma Ham, of foods and drinks to have their names legally protected.
The vegetable is grown at farms in the geographical triangle between Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford.
It becomes the 41st British product to be added to the list.
Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb joins the likes of Grimsby Smoked Fish, Swaledale Cheese and West Country Cheddar in getting Protected Designation of Origin status from the European Commission's Protected Food Name scheme.
All Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb is grown by just 12 farmers.

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