23 Feb 2011


For some time now I have been doing a lot of research and development into burgers. Why are they so popular all around the world? Basically, two bits of bread and a meat pattie? Several huge global brands have turned over billions in sales of them! 
This is incredible, they are made at home, takeaways, supermarkets and restaurants, everywhere we look burgers, burgers and even more burgers!
There are many stories about the history of burgers, or the hamburger, but for me it’s just a hot sandwich.
Some of the most famous and busiest restaurants around the world sell them and they become their biggest sellers, no matter what else they sell, create, develop or hang their hat on, the paying public love a great burger!
So here is my own very simple burger, I like a really nice soft brioche bun, lightly toasted, the meat itself - I would use a really great ground beef mince from the chuck of the animal about a 80% meat to 20% fat split. Chargrilled lightly, seasoned, cooked medium and then a lovely ripe tomato, jumbo but sweet dill pickle, slices of red onion, shredded iceberg lettuce, nicely layered, simple yet perfect... then the fun begins.
This is the era of the ultimate burger, the gourmet burger, the designer burger, the mega starred and celebrity chef creating burgers of fantasy!
Add crispy pancetta, foie gras, pulled BBQ pork, lobster, blue cheese, goats cheese, truffles, sticky onion jam and on and on we go - pimp my burger is what I say!
Why not try a wagyu burger, crab, tuna, lamb kafta, pork & black pudding, tiger prawn? All burgers, all great, all unique, maybe even use a flavoured bread or no bread - use big jumbo field mushrooms as your bread, the list is endless!
I love burgers, I’am happy to be a Burgermeister Smith, luckily they are the perfect match to beer, so my friends at Thornbridge Brewery are happy too!
My customers are happy because at RELISH our burgers ‘rock’! My friend, the multi Michelin starred chef from Manhattan, Daniel Boulud loves burgers too, in my opinion his are the best right now just amazing - if you can’t get to New York try his Bar Boulud in London his burgers are brilliant.Also my vegetarian friends can also enjoy a great choice too from chick pea to sweet potato, white bean and aubergine - some great burgers there. 
I would love to open a Artisan Burger Company this year which would offer an amazing array of handcrafted burgers, designed to the maximum to create a truly great simple burger, in a quirky dinner feel with a great selection of craft beers from around the world!
Happy flipping 

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