14 Mar 2011

A Great Success at The Cricket Inn

The Brewkitchen Chefs were out in force again this week! After Simon Wild won the Great Oyster Opening Championship, this Tuesday saw The Great Pancake Race, and hotly contested it was. Norby, Sous Chef at The Cricket, ‘tossed’ the competition aside and ran out a worthy winner. Whatever competition next I hear you cry - well let us know what you would enjoy and we will see what we can do.
The group shot left to right;
James Mellor (Sous Chef, Artisan)
Jordan Kelly (cdp Cricket)
Russ Osborne (newly promoted Head Chef, Troway)
Mathew D Jones (aka Chewy, Sous Chef, Relish)
Mallin (Sous Chef, Cricket)
The winner, Norby (Jn Sous Chef, Cricket - not a fix!)
Marco A P Carines (Head Chef, Cricket)
Chagit Wiggers (a great all-rounder at the Cricket)

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