20 May 2011

The pairing of food and beverages

I certainly feel that with great food or that ultimate dining experience, what you drink is just as important as what you eat. For breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner it is imperative to make the right choice, it can take the ordinary to the extraordinary. The flavour of food, almost without fail, reveals the true quality of wine and beer and, in turn, the food is complemented by gaining the full depths of the diverse tastes created by the drink. 
As with all great things experimenting with different food and drinks is a personal journey, what we like is just that, what WE LIKE!
I firmly believe the more ideas you have, the more diversity, the more you will be surprised with which foods go with which beer, wine, cocktail, tea or water, the best way to have a great food and beverage pairing is to have lots of ideas and tastings, in the end you will be delighted with your discovery, so why not start tonight around the dinner table!
Without a doubt the pairing of food and beverages is very challenging professionally because today we have so many options to choose from, the classics: a great steak with a red wine, a lovely craft ale with a big pie, a glass of Italian Vin Santo with biscotti or, my favourite, dandelion and burdock with fish and chips,
I am presently working on a new project pairing award winning craft beers with my style of food, it is very challenging and exciting, making me push my thoughts and knowledge to the maximum, it’s a great project, lots of fun and how lucky am I? Beer and food!!
I will keep you all informed how I get on 

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