22 Jun 2011

So my trip of a lifetime! To Lyon “the stomach of France”.

How did it go? Well here goes.
Adrian and myself (Adrian is my business partner at Thyme Café, former college mate and my 1st chef at Smiths in Crosspool, over 15 years ago, a great guy, chef and well-travelled bon viveur) we set off from Sheffield, to St Pancras, to Paris, to Lyon, then taxi to Roanne, why Roanne? Well the family Troisgros have had a 3 star Michelin restaurant there for over 40 years. Roanne is about an hour’s drive from Lyon, our thoughts, well it would be rude not to go. Roanne is a small town, but Troisgros is a world renowned name in top flight gastronomy.

The hotel is fantastic, pure class, simple, elegant and modern, immaculate in every detail, the food in truth was without doubt one of the greatest dining experiences of my life. The ingredients where perfect, flavours and tastes exceptional, truly world class, it was sublime. Not classical yet not modern, just food of the Troisgros, amazing. So the detour was well worth it.

Now off to Lyon!?
We caught the train from Roanne to Lyon, then checked into the Sofitel, a great hotel, brilliant rooms and superb staff. Lyon is a stunning city on the banks of the Rhone and Seine rivers, it is steeped in history and architecture, the buildings are amazing.  As the leading food area in France we wanted to experience the bouchons, bistros and the world famous Le Halles market. These where all good and interesting, but not quite what we thought, maybe our choices and recommendations where not so good, but I can recommend,The Paul Bocuse bistros in Lyon, North, South, East and West. Four separate bistros, each serving food from the North of France, South of France, West of France and East of France. However one of the main reasons for this trip and how it all started was a long time wish to eat at Restaurant Paul Bocuse, the 3 Michelin starred Grandfather of Chefs, a living culinary history. The food is rich, grand and amazing. We were fortunate enough to meet the old master himself, a fantastic treat and a lifelong dream achieved, it was a memorable evening.

So my trip, Troisgros was amazing, world class, Lyon a beautiful city, Sofitel a top hotel, Bocuse a living history, the other bits a little disappointing.
Can I bring something back, yes; it’s all in the ingredients.
Till next time

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